Analytic Theology Cluster Initiative: “Concepts of God”

General Theme of the applying project

 “Is the Christian understanding of the personhood of God too anthropomorphic? An Orthodox contribution”


1.      October, 22, 2016: Speaker: Dr. Nikolaos Asproulis (Volos Academy for Theological Studies): ‘Causal Trinitarianism’: A solution to the ‘logical problem of the Trinity’?

2.      November, 5, 2016: Speaker: Emeritus Professor Dr. Richard Swinburne (Oxford University) - Respondent: Dr. Michalis Filippou: The Social Theory of the Trinity

3.      December, 10, 2016: Speaker: Dr. Michalis Filippou: The Doctrine of Trinity and the Metaphysics of Material Constitution

4.      February, 11, 2017: Rev. Dr. Dimitrios Bathrellos (The Institute for Orthodox Christian Studies in Cambridge) - Respondent: Dr. Dionysios Skliris (Sorbonne University): The Theology of Enypostaton, the Overcoming of the Ambiguities of Chalcedon, and the 'Redefinition' of Hypostasis

5.      March, 11, 2017: Speaker: Emeritus Professor Dr. William Hasker (Huntington University): A Compositional Christology

6.      April 22, 2017: Speaker: Professor Dr. Stelios Virvidakis (University of Athens) - Respondent: Dr. Haralambos Ventis, Assistant Professor, University of Athens: Personhood, immortality and resurrection 

7.      May, 27, 2017: Speaker: Professor Dr. Terrence Cuneo (University of Vermont): Analytic philosophy and Eastern theology

8.      June 24, 2017: External Speaker I: Metropolitan John Zizioulas of Pergamon: The relationship between analytic philosophy and Orthodoxy. Is it legitimate and valuable or a crude blasphemy? A theological point of view.

July 2017: A workshop with the participation of graduate Students (University of Athens) and young (PhD students, or PostDoc) Scholars interesting in analytic philosophy and theology.

August 2017: -

9.      September, 23, 2017: Speaker: Professor Dr. Bryan Leftow (University of Oxford) - Respondent: Dr. Michalis Filippou: The Trinity is Unconstitutional

10.  October, 21, 2017: Speaker: Professor Dr. Byron Kaldis (National Technical University of Athens): Anthropology

11.  December, 16, 2017: Speaker: Rev. Dr. Isidoros Katsos (University of Cambridge) - Respondent: Rev. Alexandros Chouliaras, (Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam): What does it mean to be ‘human’ and how to say it? The conundrum of the Imago Dei tradition of the Eastern Church Fathers

12.  January, 20, 2018: External Speaker II: Professor Emeritus Dr. John Cottingham (University of Reading) - Respondent: Dr. Michalis Pangalos: The relationship between analytic philosophy and Orthodoxy. Is it legitimate and valuable or a crude blasphemy? A philosophical point of view

February 2018: A Concluding Seminar discussing the overall merits from analytic philosophy and theology for the Orthodox Tradition and a meeting evaluating and summarizing the work and goals achieved by the research project with the participation of the most of the Cluster Group members as well as scholars interesting in analytic philosophy or philosophy and theology in general.